Successful Indonesian Entrepreneurs-profession that can earn high income when successful is to become an entrepreneur. The salary of a successful entrepreneur is definitely more than an employee in the office. You need to know examples of successful entrepreneurs and can be imitated.

No matter how old you are, you can achieve success from now on. There are many Indonesian entrepreneurs who are young and have achieved success thanks to their persistence. Maybe their success stories can be your role models.

10 Successful Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Starting a business can be from any field so it does not rule out the possibility of success. It’s just that you really need to start from the field you like so you don’t feel tired easily. Immediately, we discuss examples of successful entrepreneurs in the country with various fields.

Adamas Belva Syah Devara

The first successful entrepreneur to be discussed is still young. He has held the position of Co Founder and CEO of Ruangguru. The online education platform has now become very big in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Pioneering an educational platform is also not smooth sailing because there are many things that Adamas and his fellow teachers face. However, thanks to his persistence, Ruangguru was finally able to grow rapidly and become very popular. Especially when Indonesia was hit by the peak of the pandemic which required all learning to be online.

M. Alfatih Timur

You may have heard of the website which contains about fundraising. The founder of this website is M. Alfatih Timur who is a social entrepreneur under the age of 30. Based on many sources, M. Alfatih Timur is known as an ordinary student.

At a very young age, he realized that there were many people from the middle to lower economic strata who experienced life’s suffering. For example, you want treatment or go to school but don’t have enough funding. Now the lower classes of society can voice their aspirations more through this website forum so that other people can come down to help.

Dea Valencia Budiarto

Who doesn’t know Dea Valencia Budiarto? This figure became the founder of Batik Kultur which sells many creative products. In a month he can sell approximately 700 pieces of his product in a month.

Rangga Umara

You who live in Jabodetabek must have heard of the popularity of Pecel Lele Lela. The food stall was started by a young businessman named Rangga Umara who has a background not from the rich. He always tries to make a quality menu so that the stall becomes crowded.

The shop that he opened himself did not require a large capital so that he could inspire many people. Before deciding to open a Pecel Lele Lela stall, he had a chance to try a small seafood restaurant business. Because there were no fans, they finally swerved so they opened a catfish pecel stall.

Martalinda Basuki

This character has wanted to get into the culinary business since a young age, so he decided to build a Classic Chocolate Cafe. In order to build a cafe, Martalinda was forced to sell his laptop as well as his motorbike.

Armed with only selling of the two favorite items was not enough and finally decided to look for a loan as well. However, thanks to his hard work, he now owns 270 cafes throughout Indonesia. Indeed, sometimes building a culinary business or other requires strong determination accompanied by hard work.

Rizka Wahyu Romadhona

Another example of a successful entrepreneur was achieved by the owner of Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang. The cake entrepreneur initially worked as an employee at a telecommunications company but finally decided to leave because he felt he was no longer suitable. The first time I left work, I was able to sell meatballs, unfortunately the meatballs didn’t sell very well.

Only then did Rizka decide to appeal the steering wheel to sell the Bogor Sangkuriang Lapis Cake. The taste of the layer cake has received a lot of praise from consumers and gradually has a large number of customers. Now Rizka has succeeded in opening many branches in all major cities in the country.

Agus Pramono

This one character founded Ayam Bakar Mas Mono which was very well known since 2011. This entrepreneur didn’t have much capital at first and even had difficulty developing his business. Continuing to improve the quality of the cuisine can finally make Mas Mono Grilled Chicken become famous.


Have you ever heard the name Bumbu Desa Restaurant which is often found in Jakarta malls? All of these belong to Santoni, who offers traditional Sundanese food. The first time he opened a restaurant he only had a capital of Rp. 8,000,000.

Charina Prinandita

Have you ever tried eating Eatlah? The founder of the brand is a successful young entrepreneur named Charina Prinandita. Eatlah, the brand is famous for packaging that is made environmentally friendly so that it does not pollute when disposed of.

Sukyatno Nugroho

You like to eat fresh like es teler so you must have heard of Es Teler 77. It turns out that the es teler restaurant is owned by Sukyatno Nugroho. Now, apart from owning an es teler stall, he also owns a restaurant that sells various kinds of traditional Indonesian menus.

That way you know that starting success can start with what you love. The 10 Successful Indonesian Entrepreneurs above certainly open up new perspectives for you. Hurry up and get the success you crave!

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