Successful Entrepreneurs in Indonesia, What are the Businesses?-Who are the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia today? The term 99% sustenance door from trading has been proven true in Indonesia too. We can find a lot of successful entrepreneurs who have a lot of super wealth in the country. What kind of business are they in?

Who knows their success can inspire us too to be successful. Even if there is no success that can be achieved instantly. Still need to work smart and work hard every day.

10 List of Successful Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Most successful entrepreneurs have businesses in more than one field. In addition, the business they run usually has reached the level of national to international scale. So don’t be surprised if some of the products they sell can reach foreign markets.

Robert Budi Hartono

Every time we talk about Indonesia’s most successful businessman, it can’t be separated from the name Robert Budi Hartono. The field of business involved in the form of tobacco which then expanded to other fields such as banking. Robert Budi Hartono is a reliable businessman in the tobacco sector with the company PT Djarum Super.

It was first established in 1951 where Budi Hartono’s father bought the Djarum Gramofon brand and changed it to the Djarum brand only. Then the company was handed down to Budi Hartono and now Robert is in the banking sector as well. In the banking sector, he is the largest shareholder of BCA.

Anthony Salim

An entrepreneur named Anthony Salim is ranked as the second richest businessman in Indonesia after Robert Budi Hartono. His field is very multi-product, such as food, energy, telecommunications, retail, as well as banking. Anthony Salim does not operate alone and has a business name called the Salim Group.

Dato’ Sri Tahir

A successful businessman who is ranked the 3rd richest in Indonesia is named Dato’ Sri Tahir. His business name is Mayapada. The business itself is engaged in many fields such as health services, finance, tourism, and property.

He himself in his childhood did not come from a wealthy family. His mother worked as a small shopkeeper and his father was a pedicab driver. However, living in poverty actually motivates him to be honest, work hard, and keep learning new things.

Chairul Tanjung

One of the most famous successful businessmen in Indonesia is named Chairul Tanjung. The business name he is involved in is CT Corp with various business fields, such as retail, media, entertainment, lifestyle, and property. At first Chairul Tanjung became the founder of PT Pariarti Sindutama with an initial capital of 150 million Rupiah which came from a loan.

Reza Nurhilman

An entrepreneur named Reza Nurhilman has also succeeded in the culinary field on behalf of Maicih. The millennial generation must be familiar with this name. Reza Nurhilman started his spicy chips business in 2010 through social media.

Thanks to perseverance in marketing their products while maintaining quality, finally Maicih chips have become much in demand by consumers. Today you can find these chips in minimarkets that are widely spread throughout Indonesia. Of course, Reza’s success can be an inspiration for the younger generation.

William Tanuwijaya

We will also discuss about the owner of Tokopedia who is in the category of young businessman. The owner’s name is William Tanuwijaya who previously also had a non-rich background. He himself first founded Tokopedia in 2007 and continues to develop it until it is as big as it is now.

Susi Pudjiastuti

This businessman figure has many business sectors to pursue. The business sector is in the form of transportation and fish export. Regarding the fish export business, the first time was carried out in 1965.

At that time, Susi Pudjiastuti only had a capital of under Rp. 1,000,000. Then with this capital he decided to buy fish in the auction area. Then the fish are sold back to several restaurants.

At first the restaurant did not trust the quality of the fish being sold. However, because it continues to consistently offer high quality fish, many restaurants eventually become customers.

Achmad Zaky

We will also talk about a reliable businessman named Achmad Zaky. He is the founder of Bukalapak, which has been in the programming and technology world for a long time. Achmad has also been an IT consultant on various websites and applications.

The establishment of Bukalapak itself was also carried out together with Hero Cahyono, who is Achmad’s colleague. Until now, Bukalapak still exists as one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia.

Nadiem Makarim

This character is the founder of a digital application called Go-jek. The application continues to develop its features until now it can be used by consumers to buy food or deliver goods. Success in establishing the Go-jek application, now Nadiem Makarim’s name is getting bigger as one of the young entrepreneurs.

Doctor Tirta

Anyone who is watching YouTube knows who Doctor Tirta is. This influencer has a business in the field of Shoes and Care. First founded in 2013 and most of his customers are his own friends.

However, thanks to his hard work, Doctor Tirta was finally able to get regular customers from people he didn’t know. He also continues to innovate in the types of services so that there are often many interesting programs. Now he has more than 20 Shoes and Care outlets.

Successful Entrepreneurs in Indonesia, What are the Businesses?-Surely there are many more successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. There are so many experiences that we can learn from their business trips. Those of you who want to start an online business should immediately make a plan!

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