19 Ways to Succeed Without College-Being successful doesn’t always have to be done by going to college because college itself is suitable for people who have the funds. If there is someone who is affected by funding problems and can’t go to college, don’t give up hope. Success without college remains a proven fact in this world.

Say successful figures like Bob Sadino and Susi Pudjiastuti. While abroad there are figures like Mark Zuckerberg. You just need to apply a few tips to be successful from now on.

19 Ways to Succeed Without College

Even if you don’t go to college, a person can still achieve success at a young age. When someone doesn’t have it, it doesn’t mean you have to be discouraged because the opportunity to be successful is wide open for people who are persistent. Some of his success tips can be seen below.

1.     Diligent Reading

Someone who wants to be successful must be diligent in reading things related to business. Always open every day news about the economy, finance, and business. In addition to reading more about these three things, one also needs to read about religious knowledge.

The problem now is that there are so many businesses under the guise of money that it turns out that the law is not halal. Regularly reading all of this knowledge can help broaden your horizons as well as hone your skills. An example of a light book that can help sharpen your mind is How to Win Friends and Influence People.

2.     Taking Online Training

Even if someone is not in college, they can still know important material by taking online training. The online training itself usually contains material that can improve the skills and knowledge of the participants. In addition, you can also find out job opportunities when someone masters certain skills and knowledge.

3.     Increase Connections

You can enter a community forum to be able to add connections. The connection itself is very important for entrepreneurs to be able to survive long term. In addition to community forums, you can also increase your connections through social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Make connections in the fields that you are passionate about and influence your career in the future. For example, if someone wants to enter the business world, there is no harm in finding out who works in marketing and sales. Having these connections will make it easier for you to sell products in the future.

4.     Always Learning New Skills

Sometimes someone who is not in college is also not able to raise money to take training. Stay motivated and learn new skills from the internet, such as websites and YouTube. There are so many valuable lessons from the internet that can be learned for free, aka you only need internet quota.

5.     Get Certification

You have saved enough to be able to take a certification exam in a field. Be sure to take a project management certification or other certification according to your skills and desires. Taking certification will be able to make you assess your ability in a field.

If you successfully pass the certification test then it can be an important point in applying for a job or building a business. At least the results of the certification can be listed as certification will help someone to be able to get a job or find clients when building their own business.

6.     Always Develop Positive Thoughts

Basically, the environment around us can be toxic. If you are faced with such an environment then try to find an environment filled with positive people. You can try to enter a forum or community because who knows the environment will have a positive impact.

In addition, read more books that can increase your spirit. Always think positive can be the fuel to be successful. Look for ways to be able to restore positive thinking when the view has begun to be polluted with negative thoughts.

7.     Diligent in Worship

Apart from working hard, there are tips for success without going to college that are quite efficacious, namely praying hard. Performing Duha and tahajjud prayers regularly while continuing to be interspersed with alms. These three tips can help people who do it more easily achieve success.

8.     Never Give Up

Even though someone is given the opportunity to go to college, it is not necessarily successful if he does not have the persistence to achieve success. We must always instill unyielding in our hearts and show it by action. When facing failure it’s okay to be sad for a while but always remember to get up.

The fact is that everyone has experienced failure. But after learning the causes of failure and avoiding it at a later time, can make a person successful. There are so many stories of entrepreneurs with zero capital who initially failed to build a business, but thanks to persistence they finally succeeded.

9.     Always Give the Best

You who decide to work or open a business must always give the best. The best abilities will be known by others gradually. Both clients and co-workers come to believe in the abilities of someone who always applies this principle.

10. Dare The

trick to success without going to college is to be brave. Only brave people can build a business from scratch to become a success. Of course, you have to be brave with calculations and research first so you don’t just jump in.

11. Observing

By observing you will get a variety of new information. You can even choose various experiences from people around you. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, you can validate the experience by observing.

If you enjoy observing, be sure to keep getting new perspectives. There are many different ways to get a new perspective. Starting from going traveling or joining other groups of friends.

12. Savings

For those of you who want to be successful, of course, saving is very important. This calculation must also be adjusted to your needs. If you want to be successful quickly, of course, you must also be able to save pocket expenses.

In addition, assess an activity or item from its function. Saving doesn’t mean you have to spend as little money as possible, but pay attention to the value of an item so you can get another value in the future.

13. Do not be easily satisfied

Do not let you feel satisfied when you are at a certain point. You have to create stops so that later success can be felt. Being objective in the process and being able to properly implement your plan certainly starts with being realistic.

You also have to have more stamina if you have big plans in the future. So it will make you much more effective in making decisions.

14. Pay attention to risks

Everyone certainly wants certain achievements, but everyone’s condition is also different. You have to see what risks may occur when you take an action. If you just lunge against a condition, it will provide a risk that may be quite large.

You have to be good at risk management, this is one of the important calculations that must be considered if you want to be successful. That way you have to put security first.

15.Don’t miss the chance!

Opportunities don’t come all the time, you have to be really ready when there are opportunities. Starting from capital to courage even the best strategy must be prepared.

At that moment, you will get the best opportunity to maximize success. So that later you can achieve success easily.


Make sure you have precise and objective goals. Having a goal when you want to be successful is very important. Because later these objective goals will be used as your goals in the future!

You have to prepare a goal objectively through several plans. Certainly not easy to do, you must have realistic objectivity in achieving goals.

17. Creative

With creativity, of course, you can get an idea. Make sure the results of the idea can be sold and you can implement. It’s useless an idea is very creative, if it doesn’t sell well in the market!

So that way you have to be smart in doing research and risk management. And some of the tips above starting from observing will certainly be very helpful.

18. Innovative

Make sure you are always innovative, innovative in achieving a certain goal will certainly increase effectiveness or efficiency. You must know your weaknesses first, so you can create an innovation that aims to cover your weaknesses.

With some of the things above, it will certainly be easier to create the necessary innovations. It may take a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it!

19. Thinking solutions

This is a very important thing so that we have a good mindset. If you want to be financially successful, of course, thinking solutions are the basis of everything. Because a service or product that provides a solution value will certainly be highly appreciated!

Start by observing you may be able to find some problems around. That way we just have to find a product or service that is a solution. Later you will get money from selling the product or service!

19 Ways to Succeed Without College-Those are some things you should pay attention to if you want to be successful without going to college. Even if you don’t go to college, it doesn’t mean you lose the opportunity to be successful. Make sure to do some of the things above to be your guide to success.

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