Is Hard Work The Key To Success In Entrepreneurship?-Is it true that the key to success in entrepreneurship is hard work? In any field, hard work is an important point that you should not miss. If you search the stories of successful people, you will find that they work hard.

A success is not a miracle that happens suddenly. But success is a series of processes and actions to realize a goal. During the pursuit of success, there will be many failures as well as obstacles.

Hard work is a price for success

Success is not an achievement that is obtained for free. That’s why not everyone can get it easily. It takes hard work as the key to success in entrepreneurship that must be adhered to.

In hard work, one is not only reward-oriented. But they are more focused on what progress they get in doing something. But that doesn’t mean you have to waste time doing something for free.

In this life, we will be charged a price if we want something. For example, whatever we buy, definitely need money as a medium of exchange for the price of the item. So it’s like hard work is money to buy success.

Of course you can guess for yourself what kind of results you get after working. If you want complete success, then the hard work must also be totality. Because the effort will be proportional to the results to be obtained.

Someone who only expects results without going through many processes, the fall only saves imagination. Because imagination takes no effort. The realization of imagination can only be realized by real action in the form of business.

Hard work creates planned luck

Everyone must have had one or two fortunes in their life. Luck is something that can be obtained by someone.

But in terms of success, waiting for luck is a form of fatal error. Because that’s the key to success in entrepreneurship. One should not rely on something that is not real.

Wishing luck without making the right effort doesn’t necessarily make your dreams come true. It will actually make the dream hampered or even not progress at all. Real action is an attempt to make luck come.

The result of hard work is true luck. So luck in a success is the result of a lot of effort. Luck becomes a reward for our maximum efforts.

If you haven’t tried at all, don’t ever expect luck. Because the luck that comes to people who have not tried his name is coincidence. And coincidences will not come repeatedly and have no deep meaning.

Hard work creates discipline

Everyone who works hard will definitely use time wisely. They don’t want time in their life to be wasted doing things in vain. That’s why they usually strictly schedule what they have to do each day.

From a predetermined schedule, people who work hard will stick to what they have agreed upon. From here they will have a disciplined attitude that is built from habit. If they abandon this good habit, they will feel very guilty.

Hard work and a disciplined life do make someone a reliable person. They can complete multiple tasks in the right timeframe. This is because they are good at managing time and also the deadlines of everything they target.

The key to success in entrepreneurship is not far from hard work. No matter how much motivation a person has, everything will fall apart if it is not balanced with hard work.

Hard work creates an independent person

In this life, we should not expect anything from other people. In a sense we must be able to rely on ourselves completely. Whatever we want, we can make it happen with our perseverance.

Humans are social creatures who cannot live without the help of others. But what is meant here is not to depend on people who may not be able to realize our dreams. We certainly ask for help, but try to still be able to fulfill it by ourselves.

To become an independent person, one must believe in his own strength. That everyone has potential that they can maximize to achieve what they expect. With self-confidence, a person can achieve anything without expecting much from others.

We know that putting too much hope in others will end in disappointment. Because basically everyone has a set mind to focus on themselves.

Hard work realizes determination

With hard work we will continue to cultivate our determination to achieve something. You have to understand that hard work must also be done smart. Because many things you have to do in order to achieve success.

Have a plan and your stop

Without a plan it will be very difficult to achieve the goal. You must have goals that are objective and definitely achievable.

Time is everything

 If you have supporters, and venture capital is one of them. Use it to invest time. As well as establishing cooperation, hiring employees and many others you should pay attention to. Because later by having a lot of time you will more quickly reach the goal.


In achieving success, there must be many things that are prepared. You should always tighten the belt during the process.

Thus a description of hard work and its position in determining one’s success. If there is a question, is it true that the key to success in entrepreneurship is hard work? The answer is definitely ‘Yes’.

No success can be achieved in the blink of an eye. Success must be paid dearly with maximum and relentless hard work. One has to let things go in order to focus on their main goal.

Is Hard Work The Key To Success In Entrepreneurship?-Everyone has a chance for success depending on how you approach the process. Enthusiasm for all of us because good things are not achieved in an easy way.

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