Being an English translator is certainly very fun and definitely suitable for you. How not, you can become an interpreter easily using several applications. However, you also have to master the basics of English.

With the help of an application or a translation site, it will certainly make you finish work faster. For you, of course, getting additional income or having a side business will be very helpful.

5 Preparations to Become

Translator English translators are currently in great demand and are certainly sought after by many people. Because English is one of the most needed at this time. Especially when you have expertise in English, of course it will give you a lot of money every day!

According to some research and data we got, almost 80% of you who become English translators generate a minimum monthly income of IDR 2,000,000. And this can be achieved by completing at least 4 – 7 jobs. If you’re interested, let’s see what preparations have to be made!

Master the English

First of course you have to master English first. Although later we will use an application or a translator site if you don’t speak English of course it will be useless! It could be that the results you get are also not optimal, and when you later get a job it is certainly not satisfactory for the client.

Create a portfolio

For those of you who want to run this side business is to have a portfolio. Creating a portfolio can certainly be done easily. You just list some of the work that was done before. This is not related to the work you have received before, but it could also be that you make the best work possible (even though you have never received a job).

Make the portfolio as good as possible and attractive, this will be a way for employers to select and trust you. By using the portfolio you will make a lot of money!

Plan your work time

It’s important to plan your working time. Especially if you are you, you should be able to adjust it to the class schedule. And for those of you who have a permanent job, it is also very important to plan how long you can do this side business activity of translation every day.

With those of you who have planned the time to work, of course when you have a job later you can know when the results can be sent. Then you should realize that planning work time is something that will make us look more professional. Besides that, the work will no longer feel heavy even though it has a deadline, because the deadline is you who manages it!

Register for freelance

After reaching this stage, the most important thing is to register on several freelance sites. This will be one of the best platforms for us to earn extra income by converting English to Indonesian or vice versa. Those of you who have other skills, of course, can also list them as an added value.

Choose some of the best trusted freelance sites or applications. Do not let you join an application that does not have a reputation.

Follow a translation agency

There are also other ways when you are able to expand this job. You can join several translation agencies so that later you get more work. So this will be one of the best potential even after you graduate from college!

Becoming a translator certainly will not be bound by time and place. You can work anywhere, even from home! In addition, the income earned will certainly be above the UMK!

Some of the things above will certainly be very helpful for those of you who want to become a linguist. College students who want to earn extra income of course need to try to become an English translator. So that later you will also gain experience and of course additional income!

6 Best and Accurate Translator Sites

Once you understand how to prepare to become a translator. Next you also have to take into account combat equipment or a method that will make it much easier for you to complete the job. That way, you can accept more work!

But before we go any deeper, you also have to take responsibility for the work done. At least you must also have your own standards in calculating the work that will be sent later. Don’t be careless, work online is certainly seen from the results you provide so that it will provide after sales action where there will be repurchases.

Bing English Translator

Bing itself is also one of the largest search engines in the world that you should know. In it there are several interesting features as well as a translator. Many freelancers use the translation tool from Bing because it is considered more effective.

By using it you can complete the translation work faster. For you, of course, apart from making a profit, it is also the best place to do your work!


If you are looking for an application with good accuracy of course this is the answer. One of the interesting features is the accurate sound detection. That way, those of you who work as translators from Indonesian to English will of course also be easier. You can take advantage of that instead of typing for a long time!

This app from Australia is definitely a must try. And it can be said as one of the tools of combat for those of you who want to become a professional to transfer English to Indonesia or vice versa.

One of the sites from Indonesia, of course, you can also use to work on all kinds of English documents. That way it will be much easier for you to translate English.

Taking advantage of it is also one of the best options used by translators to complete work faster. This method is of course also one of the most recommended options! Translator

If you want to do a translation in the form of sentences, of course this is the best choice. Different from some other applications, if you want to get maximum detail Translator is the choice.

Using this application will definitely be highly recommended for those of you who want to be sad about professional language translation. So what are you waiting for, immediately make money from this site!

Yandex Translate

If you need an application that speaks many languages ​​in the world, of course Yandex Translate is the choice. By using this site or application, of course you can be more effective.

In addition, you will also get the best facilities where you can directly translate 10,000 words directly. Surely this will also help you in the process of translating the language.


It is used as one of the best ways to complete your translation. Of course you can make changes to the use of language style using this application.

If a client asks you to change the style and customize it, grammarly premium is the best choice. So you can work faster and of course the maximum results!

Using the sites and applications above to become an English to Indonesian translator or vice versa, is definitely very helpful! There is no need to hesitate to become a professional English translator, especially when you really understand the English language. By using some of the tools above, of course, your work will be faster.

Translate English Online And Earn Millions of Rupiah

If you want to earn extra money, definitely need to apply some of the tips above to become an English translator. Besides being easy, of course, someone who has an understanding of English will also be more leverage and faster in doing work.


As you understand above, the English translation process does not need to be done manually. In today’s digital and modern era, you can take advantage of a variety of appropriate applications or sites. And of course the most important thing is that you understand the basics of English.

The results are tantalizing

The income of a translator from English to Indonesian or vice versa is also quite large. From the data obtained, at least you can earn an average of IDR 2,000,000 for a month without disturbing class hours. With these results if occupied, surely his income will also increase dramatically.

It doesn’t take much time

. Becoming a linguist with the above method certainly won’t take much time. The most important thing is that you master English translation and its application first. Then you just have to use some of the applications above that best suit you!

Adding insight

Certainly the most important thing is to have an interest in reading, if you do not have an interest in it, of course, your work will also fall apart. By not reading of course you can be said to be not responsible for the translation work! So therefore, it is very important to read and this will also increase your insight.

Improving experience

For someone you certainly improve experience is also very important. When you already have experience, of course, when it comes to applying for a job, it will be very important and considered by the company. Especially if your way of working is effective, of course having an income above the UMK by being at home is very realistic to achieve.

Your side business through language translation is definitely very lucrative. Apart from earning money you will also have experience. From some tips and data to become an English translator above, it will certainly make you more motivated to earn money from home!

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